To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Are we guaranteed to catch fish?

Nope. We try our hardest and put 110% into catching fish, but sometimes mother nature wins. 


Do I have to tip? 

Tipping 20% is customary. If you don't tip we assume you had a bad trip. Please notify the Captain. 


What if the weather is bad?

 We will go out if it is raining, but the Captain will make the call regarding wind. If he has to call off the trip you can reschedule or receive a refund. 


Can we bring drugs or alcohol?

Drugs are NOT allowed on our boat. You can bring alcohol, but you have to be responsible. 


What do I do to prevent seasickness?

Taking Bonine the night before your trip and that morning is recommended. Dramamine also works but tends to make people sleepy. Staying outside during the trip is also recommended.

We cannot give refunds for early return due to seasickness.